Garden Hose Washer





Tired of your garden hose or garden spray nozzle LEAKING and 

water dripping all over you and your shoes instead of going 

where you want? 


Need gaskets for your washing machine hoses?


Is your pressure washer connection leaking?


Do you have dripping or leaky faucets in your garden, nursery

vineyard or laundromat?


  –   The gaskets are made from aerospace / mechanical grade AMS 3304 silicone.         

  –   Silicone gaskets are 100% reusable and designed to withstand temperatures

       up to 400 degrees F.

  –   Therefore they won’t break down, deform or crack up like cork, neoprene or

       cheap plastic/rubber.

  –   As a result these silicone rubber gaskets are known for being the best at

       sealing and being leak and seep-free.


High temperature silicone gaskets sold per dozen.

Package of 12 washers.

Dimensions:    Outer diameter is 1  & 1/16th inch and inner diameter is 5/8 inch. Thickness is 1/8″ thick.

These gaskets fit very tight and you will have to push them in.

Call for bulk pricing (300+) on garden hose washers.



Proudly made in the USA.


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